buoyancy aid

CanoePlus description

A buoyancy aid suitable for all water sports. Ideal for water tourism (kayak, raft, canoe, paddle or paddleboard). Thanks to the very high durability of the used materials and easy set-up, it is suitable for tourists as well as for teams, boats, sections or travel guides. Ergonomic of vest was developed to make it easy and comfortable to wear. The front zip, combined with a central strap, side and shoulder straps, made it perfect for everybody. Due to the extended length of all straps, the above-standard variability of the optimum size is guaranteed. The inner padding is designed so that they do not risk distracting them with uneven handling. Vests can also be used in salt water. Thanks to long-term testing, we guarantee our customers high quality at a reasonable price.
The CANOE PLUS model is made from a combination of two material colors and two standard versions.


Color combinations

Detail description

buoyancy Aids CANOE PLUS:

  • buoyancy aidcertified according to ČSN EN ISO 12 402-5: Personal buoyancy equipment - Floating aids.
  • Adjustable shoulder and side straps to fit the vest perfectly to any shape and size of the body.
  • Changing the ends of the straps on the shoulder straps ensures that their length is perfectly fixed
  • High mechanical resistance of the outer and inner material guaranteeing the long life of the vest
  • Certified SOLAS reflective tape conforming to IMO Res. A.658 (16)
  • Wide range of colors of outer material
  • Various colors of shoulder straps available for easy size resolution
  • Possibility of own logo on the front and back of the vest
  • Fast delivery combined with custom vest design

4 basic sizes according to the table:

Weight (kg) m≤50 m≤60 m≤90 m>90
Chest circumference (cm) 79-108 cm 89-123 cm 95-139 cm 103-158cm
Displacement (N) 45N 50N 70N 70N