About Elements gear


Elements gear was founded in 2012. In the early years, the company focused on the development of floating devices and life jackets and their subsequent certification in the Czech State Testing Laboratory. In 2013, have began the production of certified life jackets and buoyancy aids according to the current EN ISO standards.

Thanks to our long-term experience with many water sports, especially with white water and water tourism, the Elements gear brings products that focus on functionality, high quality processing and maximum longevity even at high load.
Life jackets and floating aids are produced in the Czech Republic and the materials used are supplied by Czech manufacturers. Customers can choose their own design for most of our goods.

Our products are delivered to many large rentals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and further to the Army of the Czech Republic, where we are constantly testing the high quality of our products.
In 2017, the offer will be extended to waterproof bags and small neoprene accessories exclusively for water sports.